Ex-Cuck: How To Stop Being a Cuckold

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Cuckolding has a hold on you? You feel like it's dragging you down, making you feel worthless, degraded and humiliated? You've tried to stop engaging with it but it just seems to have a grip on you? Then this book is for you. This is the book of the excuck.com community.

We help you regain confidence in your life, seek a better understanding of who you are and offer you a path to a healthy sexuality. Through evidence-based CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) methods you will learn to analyze why you are so interested in Cuckolding, how it shapes you and how you can learn to overcome it.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • This is Not Therapy
  • Section 1: Cuckolding and Fetishes
    • Isn’t This Just Kinkshaming?
    • Can One Get Rid of a Fetish?
    • The Allure of Cuckolding
    • What Cuckolding Does to Your Psyche
  • Section 2: Self-Review
    • Reviewing Your Relationship with Cuckolding
    • Feeling Wheel
    • What Happens When I Engage in Cuckolding?
    • What Situations Lead Up to Engagement with Cuckolding?
    • Review Your Past
    • Review Your Desires
    • Conclusion
  • Section 3: Conditioning
    • What is Conditioning?
    • The Lies of Cuckolding
    • Behavioral Conditioning
    • Porn and Its Effects
    • Our Views on NoFap
    • Your View on Women
  • Section 4: Redefine Yourself
    • Redefine Your Reactions with Acceptance
    • Redefine Your Responses
    • Redefine Your Sexuality
    • Redefine Your Self-Image
    • What Do You Control?
  • Section 5: Taking Action
    • How to Make Use of the Next Chapters
    • New Habits for Your Life
    • Touch Grass
    • Watch Less Porn
    • Use Externalization Techniques
    • Use Internalization Techniques
    • Rewiring Your Brain: The Power of Neural Pathway Modification
    • If You Are in a Cuckolding Relationship
  • Further Reading

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Ex-Cuck: How To Stop Being a Cuckold

2 ratings
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